Getting Ready for Competition

The Loose Screws are heading to their first competition of the season this Saturday.  It’s been a mad dash to the finish line with only 18 team meetings under our belt.  That means we’ve only had 36 hours to plan and build our robot, create and practice our presentation, document all of the materials for our engineering notebook and make sure that everyone knows what to expect once we get there.

Saturday should be pretty interesting.  We’re looking forward to meeting other FIRST Teams, seeing what they’ve accomplished and helping our new team members have a great experience at their first ever robotics competition.

We’ll be love streaming on Facebook from the competition so be sure to follow us, check it out and cheer us on!

The 2016-2017 Loose Screws

The first time the Loose Screws came together this year was September 10th.  We had nine returning 7th and 8th graders.  Six new 6th graders also joined us as we heard for the first time the challenge that we are facing this year…Velocity Vortex.

We are now five weeks into our program and have completed a robot prototype, started the build of our challenge robot and started all of the other pieces that goes into making us a strong team at competition.

Our first competition is in less than two weeks.  It’s amazing what can be accomplished when we all focus and work together as a team with one common goal.  We are so excited about what the rest of our season holds.

Tighten Up…Loose Screws!


Meet Screwy!

This is Screwy.  He is the official mascot of the Loose Screws.  It’s his job to remind us not to take everything too seriously.  While all that we do and learn as a member of our team he’s here to remind us to sometimes cut loose, have fun and enjoy the people we meet and the places we get to go.

Being a part of FIRST Robotics is an awesome experience.  Tighten Up!  Loose Screws!